Thursday, May 9, 2024

Bramble Blooms Link Up & Two Tops

I am sorry to say I have made no progress on my Bramble Blooms, it looks just like it did before. We had a family issue that took my creativity on a nose dive. I do hope to add the next round soon. I am so amazed at everyone's creations!

I did do some mindless sewing and got two tops put together. The first one is from Barbara Brackman's Herbarium Bom.

 The second one is an  old UFO from the Rainbow Scrap Challenge in 2019.

Angela posted a block per week in the color of the month. Here is a LINK to the page that has links and PDFs of all of the patterns.

I've been doing a little baking. An apple pie and once the pie was gone I made some blueberry cream cheese bread.

A link to the recipe, HERE

Since my husband is diabetic I use the sweetener below, It is the best I have found so far.

Happy Quilting! Rebecca


  1. Love the Herbarium quilt. You did a great job with Angela's blocks too. Blueberries are my favourite fruit so thanks for the link. It looks so delicious. I'm suddenly hungry. I hope the family issue is resolved now. Enjoy! ;^)

  2. Good to see the sugar substitute I always wonder what is good. I think we all have out lapses to creativity - I have been moving slow on quite a few things lately - your baking looks wonderful and so does the quilts

  3. Thanks for linking your quilt to the Linky party! Great to see all the different versions, no matter what stage of progress.:)

  4. I really like your Bramble Blooms quilt. I have had the hardest time with improv. Thank you for sharing yours.

    1. Hi! Thank you so much! I hope I can figure out the next border soon. Your comment posted as Anonymous so I hope you receive this reply, Rebecca

  5. I hope your family problem resolved in a positive way!
    Progress on Bramble Blooms seems to be slow for at least a few of us. I'm looking forward to seeing what to decide for the next border.
    Herbarium is beautiful. Such a lot of details in those applique blocks.
    Your RSC quilt is so fun! It's a delightful sampler.
    The baked goods look delicious. My husband is also diabetic (though he eats whatever he wants) but I should look into using purecane. Do you like its flavor and sweetness factor?