Sunday, February 11, 2024

Bramble Blooms & Hand Quilting

 The Weather has sure changed direction here! It was 20* above zero today, so thankful!

Bramble Blooms is done, at least until the next prompt from Audrey. (No hurry Audrey!!) If down the road I feel it needs something else I can add it later. For now though I am happy with what I have.

I made a little progress on my sister's quilt, Bouquet. Five hexie flowers completed and I have six more cut and ready to baste.

I think this is what I will do for the sashings, block corners, cornerstones and outer border.

Sashings, block corners, corner stones and outer border fabrics. (The two background squares in the photo are from the layer cake.)

I would have started appliquing the hexies  to my backgrounds, but have been waiting on fabric. 

There is an interesting story. I ordered 5 yards of background fabric, in the picture below. This is from the website. At least what I thought I was ordering!

The fabric I got in the mail.

So I went looking on the internet for more fabric in this collection. This next photo is from Rene Nanneman's website, Need'l Love. So they had the correct info on the other website but the wrong photo. I contacted them, but they refused to acknowledge they had the wrong photo or were at fault at all. Lesson learned, do more research before ordering online!!!

Now on to something more pleasant. I have made a little progress on quilting my Spring Time Album quilt. Two borders done! I will be linking with Kathy and the other Slow Sunday Stitchers HERE .  I have two borders quilted, two more to go!

 A big thank you to Gretchen of  "Gretchen's Little Corner" blog, she mentioned the needles in the photo below on her blog. I ordered some and I am really enjoying quilting with  them! You can visit Gretchen's blog HERE.

A photo of the top Spring Time Album.

Thanks for reading my blog! I would love to hear from you! Happy quilting, Rebecca


  1. Bramble Blooms is just lovely with its latest round. I love that you removed a bird. Your hexies are so pretty. The fabric mistake really sucks! Do you know "Dinkydoo Fabric Shop"? It's in Vancouver, Canada but it's so close to you, it might have good shipping prices. I buy from them even though I live in Ontario. I know a mistake can happen to any store but they should be held liable for it and not just ignore it. Spring Time Album is just gorgeous! Enjoy! ;^)

  2. I had not tried the needles Gretchen uses and I haven't heard of them - I have used Roxanne needles for years. Sorry about the mix up in fabric they will loose out on business by not correcting their shipment to you. Your applique piece looks great. I bet 20 above almost felt warm compared to what it had been

  3. I like the quilting design on the border of your Spring Time quilt. The fabric mix-up has to be so frustrating! They're foolish not to acknowledge their mistake, they'll loose business because of it. Happy quilting!

  4. I'm always amazed just how cheap the fabric is there. So disappointing you received the wrong fabric. How strange the company wouldn't rectify their mistake. Spring Time Album is stunning and the quilting is lovely. Your sister's bouquet quilt is going to be just lovely with those pretty fabrics. Sweet hexies.

  5. Bramble Blooms looks so great. I have an idea in mind for what I want to do next, I hope Audrey's next prompt idea will be similar to mine. So sorry about receiving unwanted fabric. It's happened to me before but it was my fault. This error clearly belongs to the store. Your Spring Time quilt is lovely!

  6. Your Bramble Blooms center is just perfect, beautifully balanced, and I love the way some of the center blooms spill over into the border. Your Spring Album quilt is glorious, a quilt this beautiful definitely calls for hand quilting. I used Roxanne size 10 needles for handquilting for years until eye issues necessitated a change to 12 wt. thread and a size 7 between needle. Enjoy the increasing temperatures and the promise of spring someday soon!

  7. Disappointing and annoying, when a company is unreliable. May I suggest you send them a link to this post. The border quilting design chosen is perfect as is your work.

  8. Your bramble is beautiful and I love the quilting on your quilt.

  9. Rebecca - all of your work is so beautiful. I especially like the colors on the Bramble Blooms, and the Spring Time Album. I am joining you from Slow Sunday Stitching - I am #23 if you would like to pop by!

  10. How great our got some warmer weather, Rebecca.
    Your Bramble Blooms looks great! I love the elements you added in the border and especially that two of your gold flowers extend into the border.
    That's crazy about the fabric and especially that the company you bought it from wouldn't acknowledge the mistake. I know colors can look a little different on different monitors but those don't even look like the same fabric! Is it an online store that you wouldn't purchase from again?
    Great progress on your Spring Time Album quilt. The quilting looks amazing and the blocks are so interesting. What a lot of work appliqueing them!

  11. This is so sweet looking! I just love how whimsical it is.:)

  12. Great progress with your BB, the little bird made me smile:)