Saturday, November 30, 2019

Celebrating Mary Brown - First Blocks

I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving. We were fortunate to spend the day with family.

As I mentioned in my last post I have joined in another sew along. We are doing the "Celebrating Mary Brown" quilt. I finally got a start on the first blocks. Here are links to the other participants: Karen HERE,  Cathy HERE,  Jennie HERE,  Robin HERE, Nanette and Jan's HERE.

Three blocks partially prepped, I haven't decided for sure on the flower colors and will add the stems/vines after I have sewn these four blocks together.

The pineapple block is done. I thought this one was the hardest so got it finished first.

Two things that kept me from completing more on Mary Brown were, Hospital Sketches block #8, Triple Tulips and knitting Christmas stockings. I have 2 stockings done, except for blocking them and adding a hanging loop. Two more to go for this year.

Hospital Sketches block #8, Triple Tulips.

Two stockings done and two more to go.

                                                                 Happy Quilting, Rebecca 


  1. I really like that Pineapple block - from Barbara Brackman? But I really love the tulip how bright and colorful that is!

  2. I love your Pineapple block. We are going to have fun making this quilt. Hugs

  3. Your blocks look great. That pineapple block was a doozie, that's why I changed mine a little to make it simpler. I love your knitted stockings. My mother made one for my younger brother when he was a boy. I wanted one too but I was a teenager and already had a stocking that worked just fine. Celebrating Mary Brown is going to stretch me. . . Look forward to seeing your blocks as we go along.

  4. Your pineapple block is gorgeous. You did a great job with those jagged edges. I had forgotten what bright colors you're using for the Hospital S. Blocks. Super fun. Keep working on those stockings. Those will be fun additions.

  5. You have aloof beautiful work going on here. And Ilove your start on MB!

  6. Wow, I wish I could knit like that, amazing and your applique is wonderful as well. Love the colors in the triple tulip!

  7. I am so glad to see your Mary Brown blocks! Well done

    Hospital Sketches too. You have made great progress. I still would like to do Hospital Sketches.