Monday, November 4, 2019


I am making a little progress on my list. I finished the Goose in the Pond top on Friday afternoon. I Began this top as part of a SAL with Randy of Barrister's Block blog. You can read about the SAL Part One HERE,  Part Two, HERE  and the finish HERE.  We began on March 2, 2017 and I really wanted make 30 blocks like  the quilt photo she shared. I'm not sure what happen, other projects took precedent I guess, but I only got 12 blocks made. They have been hanging around ever since. It was time to do something with them. I had the soft gray I used for sashing in my stash and of course I had more plaids for cornerstones. I think this is it, unless I find a fabric that will fit for an outer border. I don't have anything in my fabrics that will work. It measures 60" X 78",  just the right size to use as a chair cover. With  2 dogs who like to shed all year round I normally cover our chairs with something. This one will really be a "utility" quilt

Goose in the Pond, 60" X 78".

October's Quilty 365 circles.

Hospital Sketches Block #8, Triple Tulips, prepped and I have started stitching.

And I am making head way on my first Christmas stocking. I had to rip it out a couple of times and start over. It has been a while since I have done any intarsia knitting.

I will be adding in some features using the duplicate stitch.

The weather warmed up and it looked like all our snow was going to melt, but it snowed again and has cooled down. We are expecting our first below zero night this week. Thanks for stopping by! Happy Quilting Rebecca


  1. I love your Goose in the Pond. It's country charming and I love that so much. I'm a sucker for plaid. Congratulations on getting those blocks together. Hospital Sketches block is gorgeous! Great job! ;^)

  2. Wonderful use of those plaids. It really looks good without a border. Triple Tulips looks beautiful. Stay warm.

  3. Your Goose in the Pond turned out really nice. I love the fabrics you are using for your Hospital Sketches. Hugs

  4. You are going to have quite the nice utility quilt with those nice duck in the pond blocks! Love your other projects, too.

  5. Goose in the Pond is one of my favorite blocks. I've always wanted to make a whole quilt of them. We had a Round Robin type of challenge a few years ago in my quilt group. We each decided on our own projects with instructions and fabric, put it in a box, and passed them around each month. One of the members did a Goose in the Pond block out of reds and neutrals. It turned out beautiful.

  6. Great use of plaids in the Goose In the Pond quilt top. Good lookin' quilt top.

  7. I can so understand the part about pups who shed year round (it is what shelties do very well though our son’s golden really takes the prize!) Love your Goose In The Pond - plaids are so fun in this. Lovely progress on the Hospital Sketches quilt blocks - your fabrics sing!!