Saturday, January 5, 2019

Wedding Quilt

(A quick note: as I write this post we are having a bit of cold weather, it is about -38* at 8 pm Saturday evening. It is suppose to stay with us for a few more days.)

I mentioned in my last post that I fell in a 'quilting slump' in the Fall of 2018. This is the reason. I
came home from the wedding with this stack of blocks below.

I have 32 signature blocks.

Now, what to do with them??? I had no real plan or pattern. I had also decided to add some blocks with  photos, so that started some experimenting with different ways to print photos on fabric. That meant, ordering products, waiting for them to get here, trying them out, ordering different products, waiting for those, and trying them out. I finally decided that Bubble Jet Set worked the best. During this time I  made no progress on anything but some hand quilting on my Cranberry Album quilt. I just felt I could not start on anything else until I had a plan for this quilt settled in my mind.

Some of the settings I tried. ( I will spare you the photos of all of them.)

Getting closer to something I like here.

I sewed a few test blocks with extra blocks I had. The blocks finish at 7 1/2" square, the sashing and cornerstones are 1 1/2".

So now to finish printing the photos I want to use and then I can start sewing this top together. I am not sure of the finished size yet, but I don't think it will be a bed size, maybe a throw size.

Happy Quilting! Rebecca


  1. That's going to be a wonderful gift for the bride and groom. It's amazing how much time it takes to figure things out. Especially, where you are. Stay warm. I can't even imagine -38°!

  2. What a treasure this quilt will be for the newly married couple. Putting blocks on point always adds even more loveliness! Have not used Bubble Jet Set in awhile - but always had good results with it...assume you are also finishing with the Rinse too? Stay warm up there - Wisconsin has not seen temps like in quite a few years...we hardly have any snow and the snowmobile trails remained closed which really impacts local economy.